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Regulatorrectifier.com is based in California and operated by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with many years of experience in the Motorcycle and ATV replacement and performance parts industry. Our knowledgeable staff has researched and tested thousands of motorcycle products, enabling us to offer you reasonably priced high-quality replacement and performance parts. We stock thousands of high-quality regulator rectifiers, stators. CDI Units and ignition coils. If you need a regulator rectifier or ignition unit for a Vintage motorcycle or ATV, we probably carry it, too! If not as about Please email us about the CDI test and repair and stator rewind service.

This website is our direct channel to the public. We aim to provide useful information on regulator rectifiers, stators, Flywheels, and CDI units. We at RegulatorRectifier.com look forward to receiving direct feedback from customers worldwide to assist us in our perfecting our product line of high-quality motorcycle and ATV replacement and performance parts. Non-OEM parts come with a 12-month warranty. <-( OEM CDI Units excepted). Most orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail.